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You are now about to begin your blogging journey, I’m glad you decided to get started and remember to reach out to me if you have questions or get stuck.

Hang on a minute, do you even know what a blog is? I already have a blog post explaining this in the simplest way I can so here’s the link if you are interested. What is a Blog?

Now, let’s get started…

DAY 1 – Start Your Own Blog

We’ll this is Blogging for Beginners so first thing is first, do you have a blog?

I use and recommend WordPress, because it’s easy to use and it’s the most popular blogging software available. Millions of blog owners can’t be wrong, can they?

Perhaps you’ve heard of two websites that are often associated with WordPress – This website is where you get the free WordPress software from and it’s open source which means you can do with it as you like. There you’ll find thousands of free themes and plugins for your self-hosted blog. – This website is the commercial arm of…