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If you want to get more leads and sales for your online business, you need more traffic or…
Or increase your website’s conversion rates…
The problem with most websites is that it’s NOT optimized for conversions.
But fortunately, that can easily be resolved. I do this by creating specific landing pages for each specific goal.
Here’s what I’m talking about…
Do you want to capture more email subscribers?
– You need to build squeeze pages or optin pages
Do you need to do a webinar or a webinar replay?
– You need Webinar Registration Pages
Do you need to sell your products and services?
– You’ll need to create sales page for that
Do you have content that you would only like to be available to paying members? – Then create membership pages
I used to have “ugly” landing pages and websites, you know, the old wyswig website design.
And that really killed the conversion rates on my site. How did I know?
By looking at…