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Get Your Awesome Personal Themes TODAY:

1. It will never look like the demo
Demonstration sites which use the theme you have your eye on always look amazing. They have to, right? With great big professional photos, interesting text, all of the bells and whistles that come with the theme switched on and working perfectly; they are designed to make you drool. However, what you actually get out of the box can often be a whole lot different to what the theme can do in the right hands. Take away the high-resolution images and the optimized widgets and you may be left with a flat theme that you just don’t have the knowledge to adapt.

2. Your customization options will be limited
By their very nature, a lot of premium themes are limited in what they allow you to do. If you were given free rein over a site then you may end up breaking the thing completely. Also, many premium themes simplify the site’s backend allowing more people to quickly get things moving…