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Bing Ads Blaster Proof – Elbert’s Earnings 1st Month PPC Earnings:

Bing Ads Blaster Software:

Build and upload thousands of Bing Ads to get the cheapest traffic on the internet.

What Do You Get For This Affordable Business Investment?

1-The Software – Bing Ads Blaster + Adwords Ads Blaster (in development)
2-PHASE 1 Training Modules:

1-Course Overview-Bing Ads Blaster
2-The Art of Choosing a Niche for Paid Traffic (Bing Ads)
3-Keyword Procurement Process (includes long tail strategy)
4-Domain Purchase & Set Up (for audience demographics)
5A-Lander/Optin/Thank You Pages (how to build for quality score and conversions)
5B-DKI-Dynamic Keyword Insertion/QueryString Insertion (Quality Score Related-80% of QS)
5C-Build Your Thank You Page (Bing Ads)
6-Find 5 Affiliate Offers (free email sequences for certain products)
7-Add Offer to Thank You Page (make immediate sales to offset ad costs)
8-List Structuring + Automated Rules (Aweber Set Up)

3-PHASE 2 Training Modules (Bing…