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Currently Viewing WP Plugin | Create Scarcity & Urgency

‘Currently Viewing’ WordPress Plugin

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Are you doing affiliate reviews or promos or trying to build a mailing list?

Do you give away free bonuses or gifts?

Do you say something like “free bonus (or gift) only for the first 50 people who purchase (or click or optin)”?

If you do, there’s no way for people to know how many people are viewing the page and because of that, there’s no urgency created.

However, what if there was a way to show your viewers how many people are currently watching the page, so that you can create some real urgency and stir up the fear of losing out?

If you want to improve the clicks and conversions on your affiliate or product offers on your website, then the amazing ‘Currently Viewing’ wordpress plugin will create a sense of scarcity and urgency that will encourage your website visitors to click on a specific special offer on your website.

The Currently…