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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people interested in using Ali Express or DHGate to dropship products to eBay or Amazon.

In this video I show you a real live example of what China ePacket shipping looks like. I made an order back on August 31. Today is September 28 and I still havn’t received the item. Tracking also has not showed any updates since September 14. It also took me 10 days just to get a tracking number.

I think you guys can see how this could cause you to have problems with eBay and Amazon as well as customer wanting returns.

I’m not saying not to dropship from China, but realize the challenges and I would recommend doing it on a Shopify store or other store you run as opposed to a third party site like eBay or Amazon where they have strict rules about shipping times and tracking upload times.

Lastly for any of you wanting to dropship to eBay or Amazon I would recommend finding a USA based dropshipper who will ship either same day or within 24…