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On this weeks episode we will be discussing ways to speed up your WordPress website. This includes plugins that speed it up, explain caching and CDNs, and talk hosting providers that help.

Caching – A way of taking the content and storing it into something more static to that gets pushed out to the internet.

CDN – Content Delivery Network, the way you distribute all of the content be it Java, CSS or images out to a 3rd party that has fast servers.

What are possible causes for a site running slow?

* It’s possible that the issue is with your code and no matter where your site is hosted it will be slow.
* Themes can also be an issue.
* Often problems happen on the front end with a lot of or inefficient JavaScript, large image sizes. Image optimization is key.
* Media in general takes up a lot of bandwidth.

What are some possible solutions to slow running sites?

* Hosting with a company that provides SSD (solid state drive) technology. SSD currently serves data at the fastest…