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ExtendAzon 2.0 is a new WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates allows you to tap into the power of the Amazon shopping cart system and the 90 day time limit. It is simple to use and can be quickly implemented into any existing Amazon site. The original ExtendAzon wordpress plugin was released back in March, 2012 and was the first Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin on the market. ExtendAzon 2.0 is a simple to use plugin that can be used on new Amazon sites or even dropped into any existing Amazon WP site. It will convert Amazon affiliate links into shopping cart links. When someone clicks a standard Amazon affiliate link, they are tagged with an affiliate cookie that lasts for 24 hours. Unless the visitor completes a purchase in that time period, the affiliate will not get credit for the sale.
ExtendAzon 2.0 features:

USE ON ANY WORDPRESS SITE – ExtendAzon was built using a unique and powerful technology that doesn’t exist in…