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Today Facebook announces its new Facebook Marketplace feature to roll out in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand over the next few days.

People have been using Facebook groups to sell in their local community for a while but now Facebook has created a specific marketplace that will be in a tab in your Facebook app and later on your desktop browser that you use to see what’s available to buy in your local area.

This is big news for two reasons, it gives us as sellers more opportunity to sell more of our stuff, it gives us more visibility and also it gives us more chances to find undervalued stock to snap up and either sell back on Facebook or to take to Amazon or eBay to sell.

I don’t see this as an eBay or amazon killer as it really feels focused toward buying and selling locally, at this time facebook does not have a payment facility and won’t be getting involved with the delivery, it will be up to you and your buyer to private message each other to work out the final…