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– The fastest way to optimize any website, following the 80/20 principle.
– The hacks and short cuts we use to get more subscribers for our mailing lists.
– The most important step to building a large, highly engaged audience (almost everyone gets this WRONG!)

In this video you’ll see a step by step tutorial on how to build a wordpress website from scratch in only 15 minutes.

This easy-to-follow step-by-step guide that teaches beginners how to create a website will help you learn how to make a website that is easy to use, you can update yourself and can be made with no technical skills required.

That’s where GoDaddy comes in – we can show you how to create a website for yourself by first choosing a domain, then linking it with your hosting account on Hostgator, and finally installing WordPress, the Thrive Theme and plugins, all in 15 minutes.

Step 1) Choose your…