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Jack Jacker Free | Jack Jacker Gold

Jack Jacker – Free & Gold Versions

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Attention Internet Marketers!

Are you a frustrated marketer?

Let me show you how to put your online marketing efforts on steroids!

Introducing Jack Jacker Free and Jack Jacker Gold!

The fastest, most effective way to get highly targeted prospects to your affiliate offer, blog or website.

Jack Jacker is a wordpress plugin for affiliate, niche and CPA marketing.

This plugin was created to solve 3 BIG problems for websites and blogs:

1. Traffic
2. Content
3. Authority

An AMAZING wordpress plugin that builds Authority, Trust & Traffic IN JUST A FEW MINUTES!

Add Content & Authority to Websites & Blogs.


It legally ‘jacks’ the content of an authority site or page or article and it adds a Call To Action banner over the top of the page or article, that becomes a clickable, non-blockable banner bar with your affiliate link embedded … send them to…