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Laravel for RESTful

Learn and practice real-world skills and achieve your goals.

The complete Laravel course for RESTful APIs.

This course incluse classes for the recent Laravel versions: All the Laravel 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 versions!

Create your own RESTful API with Laravel, step by step, from development to production. Publish your Laravel project in your server at the end of the course.

Laravel has more than 30,000 public projects. Definitely, Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP.

Laravel is very expresive, simple AND powerful, develop complex platforms and projects with few lines of code using Laravel powers. Avoid the boilerplate code and focus in the functionality, not in the code.

During this course you are going to learn, about Laravel and RESTful: Create class-by-class your own RESTful API using Laravel.

Learn about this on Laravel for RESTful APIs:

You are going to use Laravel to create a completely functional RESTful API from scratch using the Laravel…