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This video accompanies the article on “Setting Up a Blog Page” from the BoldGrid Product Guide series of tutorials:

Setting Up a Blog Page

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BoldGrid is a WordPress website builder that allows you to launch a WordPress powered website in minutes. BoldGrid is the Fast|Easy way to WordPress.

Working through our BoldGrid Product Guide, we’re going to be setting up a blog page. While you can make virtually any kind of website with your combined BoldGrid/WordPress installation, you may want to include a blogging platform for updates, news, and fresh content.

1. You can add blog posts to any page, but we are going to dedicate a blog page for this purpose.

2. Once logged in to your BoldGrid admin menu, go to Pages.

3. Add a blank page and title it whatever you want your blog page URL to be. For example, if you title the page “blog”, your final URL for the blog page will be “”.

4. Save and publish your new page….