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Starting a Business and Building a Brand

** Rolling with the E-Commerce Punches – 047

Selecting a Shopping Cart Solution
When starting a business which requires a shopping cart solution, consider your business model & requirements and then evaluate the various software & development alternatives that exist. Shopping cart solution options include turn-key, software suite, storefront software, template services, e-mail, and custom — which you must evaluate each in regard to (1) ease of set-up, (2) customization, (3) scalability, (4) technical complexity, (5) flexibility… and of course, (6) cost. No matter your shopping cart solution, it is not a ‘set it and forget it’ decision. As your business grows and develops, be ready to change your sales process as you learn.

Case Study
Tiege Hanley’s developer selected WooCommerce as their shopping cart solution because he was familiar with the platform….