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One of the most important kinds of products any customer looking to make money online can invest in is training. Now I know that training does not have the ‘instant riches’ appeal of a push button software. However unlike a ‘push button’ software training (which is often total nonsense) a solid training course is an investment in your future. I can say this 100% for sure from experience. Using myself as an example: In the last 3 years I have generated over two million dollars online and I can say without a doubt for sure that it was not because of any software, it was because of the knowledge I had. Software is a tool, a tool wont make you money. Knowledge, and taking action on that knowledge is what will make you money.

While training products are often the most important, they are also some of the hardest for me to review. Unlike a a software I really cant demo a training in my review. However what I can do is interview the…