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Many of you are curious what your customers will actually receive when you drop ship items from Ali Express.

What will the packaging look like? Will it include a packing slip? Will the price be listed? Who will show up as the supplier on the label, etc?

In this video I show you two packages which I recently received which were either drop shipped from Ali Express or a China supplier. Either way this packaging is typical of what will be received.

As you can see it will list the suppliers info, the customers info, the number of units in the package and the price. Sometimes the price reflects the real price of the item and other times it does not.

I would not recommend drop shipping from Ali Express to eBay or Amazon, however doing so to Shopify is completely fine. If you want to automate the process so your products are automatically imported for you, and if you would also like to automate the process of your orders being shipped to your customers checkout Oberlo which does all…