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This is Episode 2 of our WPwatercooler show.
Lots of great folks in this episode. Lucy Beer, Sé Reed, Steve Zehngut, Cody Landefeld, Verious Benjamin Smith III, Linda Sherman Gordon, Suzette Franck, David Jesch. Thank you all for making this a great episode this week! Also thank to CodyL for making our new logo 🙂

You can read more detailed notes here:
Twenty Twelve theme released to the repo – mixed feelings from all of the panel.
WordPress 3.5 beta 1
Overhaul of the media library
XMLRPC enabled – They did this to allow their mobile apps to work with WordPress installation without users having to enable it.
Comparing the changes to the new changes in the Facebook Images
We feel this is not finished yet, which is isn’t.
Links “blogroll” functionality removed.
Privacy settings moved
Press This
Jetpack Mobile Theme
Problems with Jetpack conflicting
Quality Controlwebapp for WordPress
Customizing can be a…